Press ‘delete’

Press ‘delete’

Getting a fair number of comments on the blog but folks, if you can’t be bothered to sign your name, I’m not going to post it.
I’ve deleted some particularly unkind comments about Soben Huon from an earlier post as well. (Added in before I’d puzzled out ‘comment moderation’).

I’ve been doing this blog si
nce 2002, but commenting is a relatively new feature for me. If people can’t be civil there are plenty of message boards to debate and discuss things on. I don’t really want to be glued to the computer arbitrating debates. Life’s too short; I’d rather be digging up more stories and photos to post.

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2 Responses to “Press ‘delete’”

  1. Wanna says:

    To my idea, you should open to every comments.
    Anyways, I find the font size here is too small – can you make it bigger?

  2. Jinja says:

    Hi Wanna –

    I’m open to every comment, but I request that people provide their name and contact info, just like you have done.

    I didn’t like how people felt free to criticize Soben Huon when they could post rumors as ‘anonymous’. They need to grow up.

    My blog is like my house, and if people aren’t polite I’ll ask them to leave.

    Font size comes from the ‘email to blog’ feature, I’ll tweak that. It’s a useful function but produces varied results.

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