The Chambâk tree

The Chambâk Tree
Srey Bandaul

Opening: French Cultural Centre:

Thursday 27th… 6.30 pm

Srey Bandaul learned to draw in 1986 at the “Site 2″ refugee camp, on the Thai-Cambodian border. His teacher, Mrs Véronique de Group (from France) still works with Association Phare Ponleu Selapak in Battambang.

“Chambâk” is the name of a wild tree whose fruits are edible. One can also eat the stone inside.

“Chambâk”, is also the name of a little girl who Bandaul was in love with when he was 9. It was his first love and it happened during extremely complicated circumstances and in a time of cruelty, violence and misfortune…

Bandaul lived during this 13 war years with his family, during these years he committed his destiny to the Buddha. The goddess of the earth protected him, she offered him a refuge to sleep, and helped him dodge the bullets.

This exhibition recounts Bandaul’s complex and chaotic journey, which is reflected can be found in the letters written with sand and pictures exhibited at the French Cultural Center.

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