Literary Life

Literary Life

Nou Hach Literary Awards happened today, one of our shortest and most productive meetings yet.

There are some cities that are renowned for literature, why not Phnom Penh? Today there weren’t enough seats for the crowd. I can see there are a lot of contending ideas about just what literature is, and how it should be presented.

Sounds like some interesting things will appear in the next printed journal. Our guest was Malaysian author K.S. Maniam (who writes in English) and I’m off to read his book.

Apparently in Malaysia, most literary competitions are in Malay, and authors writing in English, Chinese or Tamil are more marginalized.
But (and I’m envious here) it’s a much more literate country.

Want to try something new? Here’s a free sample.
If any copies are available in Phnom Penh, I’ll post an update.

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