Oh No, Fido!

Oh No, Fido!

Following Phil’s post on yummy Chinese noodles, my stomach growled. I headed over to my favorite noodle/dumpling spot for lunch. There is a whole street of noodle places near the Psaa Thmei (New/Central Market) so you’re presented with a number of choices.

Chinese Noodles

And once you’re inside, you’ve got a diverse menu to navigate. I went for the pork fried noodles. Arteriosclerosis, here I come.


About a decade ago, my Stateside workmates and I were leaving the office to go get some Asian food. One of the group commented, “I just worry they’re going to cut up a dog or a cat. You don’t know what they’re doing in the back of the restaurant.” Thoughtless. What are you saying, the menu is a lie and we’ll be served whatever strays near the kitchen, be it Spot or Fido?

I bit my tongue. Food and restaurants are pretty strictly regulated in the USA, to the point where inspection notices must be prominently displayed. Dog is not on the menu, and against the law.

Fast forward to 2005. I’m visiting friends in Battambang, at an impromptu farewell dinner outside of town. An animal’s being roasted on a spit, and someone hands me a meaty bone. “What is it? I ask.

“Dog. ” I think for about two seconds and commence eating. It’s not bad, reminiscent of goat in this instance. The dog was from the neighborhood, and had died of old age so it was a little thin and stringy.

My friend grinned, knowing this was new for me. “Cat is good too. There’s also rat.” He’s a former refugee who lived for years at Site Two camp on the Thai border. Eating dog has a lot more to do with poverty and necessity than cuisine.

Generally speaking, in Asia? I wouldn’t make a habit of it, but some have acquired a taste. South Korea banned dog meat, a popular soup ingredient, but the law isn’t strongly enforced.

We’ll see about cat and rat, I’m not in a hurry. Crickets with garlic are a treat.
It’s all about context. You’ll rarely find a Hindu running a hamburger stand.

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  1. Wanna says:

    Please never worry that they’ll use dog meat, replacing the pork you’ve ordered, since it(dog) is more expensive ;-)
    I’ve tried dog meat. To my idea, it’s not far delicious traditional meat(beef or pork). Moreoever, I feel uneasy to eat it.

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