Writer, weblogger, and former VSO volunteer Angie Manzano has left Cambodia, following a persistent series of explicit posts and threats featured on website Khmer440.com.

A series of message board postings copied prior writings and attributed false statements to ‘Cambochica’ and ‘Angie Manzano’ over a series of several months.
They culminated in a poll whether she should be ‘burnt at the stake’.

Litotes Poll screenshot


Forum administrator and former VSO volunteer Darren Conquest/’Lord Playboy’ has yet to make a public statement regarding his site’s legal culpability for sexual harassment, plagiarism and identity theft.

Additional information:



Postscript, August 29 2006: “Cambodia Uncovered”, or covered up?

In lieu of defending their actions, Khmer440.com has instead quietly deleted the “Burnt at the Stake” poll, and is also now modifying prior forum posts. (If anyone from the news media wants an archived copy, just email me.)
They likely have requested Google delete it (yes, it can be done), and opted for the Internet Archive not to archive their site’s recent listings.

There is still plenty of threatening language and misrepresentation at
But if you want to see, you’d better hurry. It’s all disappearing fast. Like the site’s credibility.

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