Beer Girls Poster

Beer Girls Poster

Beer Girls Poster 02

Media and propaganda went hand-in-hand in much of the 70s and 80s.
We now have a genre of nonprofit art in Cambodia. It’s not terribly subtle, as you can see.
Me, I’m just trying to document this wacky stuff before it before it disappears.

Mainstream advertising? Getting better, but often pretty surreal.

More on the issue of beer girls here and here. It looks like the activist sites on the beer trade have been updated, which could make for some interesting discussion. I still think that real change in working conditions will need involvement from consumers – people who actually enjoy drinking beer. (Crazy, I know.)

The more folks I talk to that work in HIV prevention here, the worse it sounds. Information is out there, education efforts are everywhere, condom use is increasing. But adults simply aren’t changing their habits much.


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