Not in the News

Not in the News

1. Cambodia Community Information Center
Cambodia’s popular Khmer language portal is still offline.
Few foreigners seem to have noticed, but this site has been THE Khmer language web portal for the last few years. No word from Open Forum on when it gets back up.

2. Tep Vong, Great Supreme Patriarch
Think those watching the palace have a tough job? Try Buddhist politics.
Which of course shouldn’t / don’t exist, depending on who you talk to.
There’s been a lot of speculation about Mohanikay/Dhammayuth interaction since Tep Vong’s elevation to national representative for both sects, but so far all’s quiet on the Wat front.
Probably a good thing.

3. Blizzard hits The Shop
Pochentong Dairy Queen has beaten out ‘The Shop’ as the Khmer Rouge Tribunal take-out of choice. Judges and staff are mighty fickle with food.

4. Google Maps Cambodia
But it missed a few spots. Wobbly satellites?

5. Toad Wine
After the ‘drunk monk’ streaking episode, Toad Wine has become all but unfindable.
Snake Wine, sure. But Toad Wine? I’m still looking. Either demand has risen, or was hard to come by to begin with.

6. ‘Taste of Life‘ available for purchase (- by NGOs only)
BBC has finally crumbled and is selling sets of Taste of Life, the popular soap opera, to nonprofits. Here’s hoping we can see a commercial release someday.
There are only so many Dolph Lundgren VCDs that can clog up the video stores here.

7. Invasion of Thai Teachers (not) Imminent
Despite a coup and visa regulation changes, Thailand-based English teachers so far don’t seem overly concerned.

8. Fine Hagar Soy Products are Tasty
Is this a good example of an NGO – to – commercial entity project? Or did they start off too big? Class, discuss. (And can I um, get a few more cartons? Thanks.)

9. Sexy new Installation Discs for Khmer Language Programs
Click to see Microsoft Office,

And kudos to the person who designed the Linux disc!
Make it look like a product, not a giveaway, and people will eat it up.

[cheers to Traactivity / KhmerOS]

10. Evictions
…are at an all-time high but organizations and communities are at a low in coordinating responses. Is there any kind of information clearinghouse? Not so far as I can tell.
As per Tonle Bassac, we’re finding out many areas that are being moved are divided communities. The only thing they’re united on? They don’t like being dumped out in the boonies.


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