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Read Other Blogs

An early start today, thanks to the loud blaring of wedding music at 5am. Weddings, funerals: share the joy, share the pain. With the entire neighborhood.

So while I wrap myself around an extra-large mug of coffee, wrap your head around these bits of bloggery. Go on, it’s good to vary your media diet.

Mandevu takes the 100 Houses Architecture Tour.
Plus: priceless image of toilets at Angkor.

Jeff at Jungle-Bar notes that there is a new map CD out for a very good cause, teaching at Wat Kampong Tralach.
GPS coordinates and more details at:

Rambling Spoon writes up their fave coffee place.

Details are Sketchy comments on the recent shootings.

From Finland: “Phnom Penh is like the Berlin of South East Asia – a hectic but fascinating construction site, slowly coming to terms with layers of turbulent history.” Ouch.
“The one place where all travellers and expats come together is the legendary Foreign Correspondents’ Club (FCC), famously featured in the novel and film “The Killing Fields”. The view from the rooftop bar is a must.” Can I get a witness?

Geek Corner:
Khmer Open Source latest, in dead tree blog Phnom Penh Post.
The Development Agenda of Free Software

Oldies corner: (how ’bout an update?)

Well-intentioned but inaccurate article on the press in Cambodia.
try the recently reissued Publishing in Cambodia report for the definitive story. (Available at the Book Federation).

Dead tree bloggers The Age: Cambodia’s lost village.

Tomorrow: fun with the Peace Corps.


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