Visualize Whirled Peas

Visualize Whirled Peas

USA Embassy folks don’t seem to get out much. Doubtless it’s related to the States’ endemic ‘anti-terror’ procedures. Which led to some pub postulation: maybe the reason the American Embassy is so big because there’s a secret discotheque underneath. That’s where all the diplomats tie one on – if you can get an invite.

Really, Cambodia is more safeful and peaceful than it’s portrayed. Safe at least for the USA to approve its first ever crop of Peace Corps Cambodia volunteers. For now, they’re keeping a low profile. First order of business seems to be learning Khmer, second seems to be teaching English.

From their blogs, seems like the usual ups and downs of transition and adaptation.

Once they arrived, they were whisked away to two separate villages (Prey Char / T’Bong Kmom) in Kompong Cham for language training, hosted by local families.
That’s a good move; get them out of Phnom Penh’s expatriate scene. After that, it’s off to the provinces. Curious to know how they select schools for teaching assignments, and what community groups they’ll be working with. I have a sneaking feeling that after a year of study, some Khmer kids will be more au courant with Stateside slang than I am.


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