Marry a Square

(in response to the ‘proof that girls are evil’ meme that has been floating around the Khmer blogosphere…)

Marry a Square

1. To find a husband, a Khmer woman must take be patient as there are many rules in polite society that govern this process. This takes time.

2. “Time is money” so

Husband = Time

3. Raising children takes two parents to be fully effective.

Children = Time
Husband x Children = Time Squared

4. ‘Square’ is slang for someone who is ordinary / conventional.

5. Husbands who cheat on their wives leave all the burden of raising a family to the wife.
Half of the job is not done.

Time Squared / 0.5 = : (

6. So it’s good to marry a faithful (square) husband to have ‘time squared’.
He may not seem special at first, but you will have a happy marriage and good family.


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