Do Not Adjust Your Set

I am doing a little weblog maintenance through the weekend.
Bear with me folks, and for now, here is a bucket of blogs to read:

Khmer IT dude in France.

Khmer student in Singapore.

Cambodian Homestay blog

Cambodia Kid Story:
“Helping the Cambodian Kid in Cambodia by sharing common problems and solutions”

Cambodian Prison Visit

Social Work Student blog.

Expat Cambodian IT worker in Southern California

A Corner of Cambodia (personal blog)
(Kmeng Wat Samay Barang is a famous classic Khmer novel)

Maggie and Matt In Cambodia (Svay Rieng)

English teacher in Siem Reap

Siem Reap Pig Project

Khmer Student in Singapore


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  1. pheng says:

    I saw my blog here :D , thanks Jinja. I should have changed my blog title to reflect that i am in Canberra for the moment :) , and well, for those who would like to have free web hosting for useful project, i am more than happy to provide hosting. cheers.


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