Is Blogging Journalism?

RUPP Journalism Class

Today I did a short lecture introducing the subject of blogging to a journalism class at the University of Phnom Penh. As promised, here is a list of links I covered in my very brief overview:

Blogging Service providers:

Cambodian Web Logs:

About Cambodia:

Blog Training and Networking:

Blogging or ‘news’?

Blog Aggregators and Networking Sites

Blogs and News: Burma:

A lot of topics to cover! I wish I could have shared more.
If I have additional links I’ll add them at


4 Responses to “Is Blogging Journalism?”

  1. ThaRum says:

    Let’s imagine that in year 2010 students who attend either journalism or writing course will learn a new skill, how to blog. And let’s imagine that 9 of 10 every young people, in that same year, will have either a digital camera or mobile phone camera. And let’s hope that a new source of information for the media is not always from professional news reporters, but from some of these prolific bloggers.

  2. Clare says:

    So… in non journalism news, you are up for best Asian blog: Just wanted to give you a heads up and a congrats!

    Also, the class looks awesome– and look, they are awake and listening.

  3. Thomas says:

    If we talking about jounalism + blogging + Cambodia -> [EN] and [KM] is a must! Interesting new web sites are also and


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