Stormy Mind of a Young Girl

More pulp classic action for you: this time by Uth Roeun, artist behind the comic adaptations of Tum Teav and Torn Chey, formerly of the Ministry of Education, now running the Association of Cambodian Artist Friends which is trying to hang on to its workshop located just below the temple at Wat Phnom. Uth Roeun worked both before and after the war years; the earliest work we have on file for him is 1966.

Above: Stormy Mind of a Young Girl
by Penn Vanthun
winner of Krom Ngoy award
Novel cover by Uth Roeun

Dragon Treasury

Dragon Treasury
Investigation 005 / espionage
for ages over 16

by Vong Pheng
Novel cover by Uth Roeun
I’ve seen more than one ‘Secret Agent’ type story, this is a genre that seems to have garnered a following in pop lit.

Memorial of a Prisoner at Koh Tralach

Memories of a Prisoner at Koh Tralach
Part 1 by Vin Kim
Krom Ngoy Award 1972
Novel cover by Uth Roeun
(There are a host of literary awards in Cambodia, and someday I’ll get around to publishing a list. They don’t pay a lot but you’d be surprised how many people are motivated by them.)

A Kidnapped Woman

A Kidnapped Woman
by Vong Pheung
Novel cover by Uth Roeun


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