A North Korean Christmas

spectacle (below) at Pyongyang Cold Noodle Restaurant, Phnom Penh.

Many expatriates bail out of Phnom Penh for the holidays, but I had some publishing essentials to keep tabs on which kept me local.
Wasn’t in the mood for a proposed ‘booze cruise’, especially after recovering from the mysterious ‘blogger bug’ which hit me, Andy and Anne all in roughly the same week. I’m wondering if there’s more than synchronicity involved.

So Anne and I ended up taking in food and the floor show at Pyonyang: a surreal kitsch synchronized dance revue with Christmas theme to boot. The majority of guests were Korean tourists who seemed just as bemused as us.

Great to chew over dumplings and media musings with Anne, who is having a blast with her change of scene and role. A lot of what she’s written about in her latest book sounds quite relevant with my long term interests in cultivating Southeast Asian comics culture, so I think I’m going to have to find a way to get my mitts on ‘Unmarketable‘. Alas, I don’t think it’ll be stocked at Monument Books anytime soon. (Hint hint.)

With luck I may be able to web up a little video of the show, but no promises until I can muck around with the format. Happy holidays to everyone – and I do mean everyone, inclusive of atheists and capitalist running dogs.


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