Cambodia or SPAMbodia?

For some reason, numerous businesses in Cambodia seem to think that it’s OK to send out random emails to as wide a mailing list as possible. This is generically termed spam. I’m thinking of starting a list of spammers, for submission to local Chambers of Commerce. The only problem is it would mean archiving each message as proof, another time-waster.

Then there’s something even more confusing: viral marketing.


I’m sorry Parith, but I don’t know you.


Same goes for you, Monirath. I have enough real friends as it is.
Want to be my internet friend? Fill out an application.

And for something completely different: robotic content theft.

Splogs are ‘Spam Weblogs’ that steal content via RSS feeds to improve their search rankings for Google ads. Below are splogs using small bits of my content without authorization. Is someone using yours? (even attempts to copyright the text!)

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3 Responses to “Cambodia or SPAMbodia?”

  1. Hi JW
    glad to see that someone is getting the word out. FYI EAS uses a double sign up and fully un – subscribe – able email program.

    a list of spammers – link does not work

    Have a good WE

  2. Clare says:

    ooh. the second one. I still get those. all the time. I hate them! Also, I tagged you for a meme. Go to my blog for details.

  3. Jinja says:

    Aha, the link should work now.
    I’m starting to realize that many businesses that I am quite fine with use spamming tactics, even some of the biggest businesses here. I don’t want to embarrass them, just get them to chill out a bit.

    Double take at Lucky Supermarket the other day: they had on the shelves Monty Python brand ‘SPAM’ from their ‘Spamalot’ musical. Far out!

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