Everyone’s a pundit, but ‘Buddhist Adjunkt’ sums it up better than most with an on-the-spot running commentary: “Cambodia As Pawn: The Dream for Darfur Ceremony“.

You may not agree with every opinion the writer has, but I’m impressed by the ‘you are here’ quality of the writing.

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  1. Jinja says:

    An awareness effort about Sudan by Khmer students:
    Greeting everyone

    We are just normal kids of Cambodia, another wave of new generation.

    For our group, we normally publish something funny for entertaining the society.

    However, today we decided to do something big.

    We are running a project to collect comments about the Killing in Darfur and draft them to the UN.

    People said we are doing the impossible… but are we?


    Please, just donate your comments to us (by adding comments i the “leave command” section) and spread this to others.

    We appreciate your help.

    Thanks in advance

    Charlie Samsokrith and Dorant Samy of the PS Group

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