The Clean Team

On The Waterfront: these white clad folks have been showing up and making Phnom Penh’s top tourist zone spic and span in the evenings. No complaints about that! Hmm… what motivates them? Is it a religious cult? A political party? A community group?


Actually, it’s off-duty police. I wonder if they thought of this themselves out of sheer civic pride, or some higher power ‘volunteered’ them? One thing’s for sure: people are going to be a lot more tidy while they’re around. Litter, we’ve got a warrant out on you.


2 Responses to “The Clean Team”

  1. Wanna says:

    Police? You should have gone closer and looked whether there’s a logo (of a party) in front of their clad. That’s much appreciated work of them, though! I don’t care which community/party they are from.

  2. Jinja says:

    Follow-up from dead tree blog Cambodia Daily: “New Street Rules Raise Ire Among Riverfront Businesses” reviews this new effort.

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