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Another blogger meeting this Saturday. The roll call included Tharum, Trajoke, Khmerak, Tastydog, Lucid.Thoughts, BlackandWhiter, Whisper-From-Heart, VuthaSurf and yours truly.

We’ve been in the news again; like the ‘Spiders From Skuon’ story, every six months or so someone does another ‘Blogs In Cambodia’ roundup.

From FCC ‘Wires’ Newsletter: Masters of Their Domain “Young, exuberant and increasingly tech-savvy, Cambodia’s web-loggers are coming of age online.”
Article based on the ‘Cloggers Corner’ meeting.

AFP: Cambodian bloggers opening up conservative society

Reaction is mixed to the stories, I think a more accurate picture can be found on the blogs themselves.Trajoke and others have done another blog workshop. And it turns out chat service Meebo and WordPress are available in Khmer Unicode. Cool!


Feeling just a bit backlogged; I’ve still got pictures to post from our recent boat trip, The Advisor launch, ‘Fugitive Denim‘ talk, Nou Hach Journal and more.  Some time was also spent mapping out ideas for September’s BarCamp: how to move it forward?My suggestion? Swag. Everybody likes free stuff.

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Postscript: Yet another story from The Advisor, and Radio Australia.

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