Remember kids, there’s meat, and then there’s HAM. Cambodia is not the easiest place to keep kosher or halal. It seems like there is no Khmer dish that can’t be improved without a little pork – even coffee.

Photo Wednesday picture from Pencil Supermarket, Phnom Penh, Norodom Boulevard. One of the reasons I carry a phone cam is for those: ‘Holy (sliced) cow!’ moments.

The image of an animal willingly serving itself up to be eaten is more commonplace than you might think, according a to Flickr group devoted to this curious phenomenon.
The first photo in the pool isn’t exactly what i’m going for, but if you know it you know it…i remember it from BBQ places in the South…but for all i know it may be international…” Oh yes, it is.

Cheers to Boing Boing for flagging this phenom.  Tags: cambodia,meatporn,khmer,ham,beef,signs,advertising

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