Dey Krahom

Dey Krahom is an urban village in the middle of a growing capital city. You can always find a smile there, if you care to look. The community resides in the shadow of one of Vann Molyvann’s classic landmarks, ‘The Grey Building’, and has been the home to many in the arts community.

Dey Krahom

I first became familiar with the area when working with some of the musicians of Cambodian Living Arts.  Villagers have been asserting their right to ownership of their land, and worked with a variety of human rights organisations to demand appropriate compensation.

After all, it’s conveniently located right next to the National Assembly’s building. They shouldn’t have too much trouble having their concerns heard, right?

Dey Krahom

A notice letter was recently sent to the village’s remaining 91 families, ordering them out of the area by December 30th 2008.  No mention was made of what would happen if they refused to comply.

A media conference will be held in Dey Krahom this Monday, December 29 at 2pm.
(Contact Prum Vichet (Khmer language only – 011 625 558))

Meanwhile, a little historical and social context from Andy Brouwer.

And if you want to review the legalities, here’s a report (PDF). More info as it rolls in.

Dey Krahom

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