Proh Kouch Deodorant

Saw this iconic image above when driving down Monivong Boulevard, and whipped out my trusty phonecam.


Which led to the development of this spoof ad: ‘Proh Kouch’ deodorant. Why?


‘Cause if we’re gonna dole out embarrassment, guys could do to improve their hygiene too.

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3 Responses to “Proh Kouch Deodorant”

  1. Mandevu says:

    Great catch on the sign, and a fine re-adaptation at that.

    Squinting at the image, I cannot quite make out what it says. Do you have a higher resolution image? Or would you mind transcribing what the sign says?

    I get the idea for the product– but I am curious how they are pitching it…

  2. Jinja says:

    I’ll try to link up a larger image in a day or so, must to search my photo files…

  3. general says:

    too true – but then, there would probably be images for mouth, feet and armpits too right….

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