Adieu Deathpower

For upwards of three years we’ve been entertained by Erik Davis’ insights on Cambodian culture, society, and religion – often peppered with his personal perspective on modern day happenings to boot.


But he’s getting out while he’s still at the top of his game.
Read it for yourself; there’s more writing to come but in different forms:  journal articles, books and other media. Death; evolution.

2 Responses to “Adieu Deathpower”

  1. Erik Davis says:

    That’s generous of you, Jinja: many thanks. Warmly,

  2. Judith says:

    His work is amazing. I’ve just discovered it online recently and now he’s closing up shop. I know he’ll continue to do great stuff, it’s just that the ending of something so insightful and interesting is a real loss.

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