My test drive for an upcoming academic paper, this Wednesday November 11th.

Economics and Comics: Cambodian Popular Culture in Three Eras

This presentation provides a simple overview of the history of Khmer comics in three distinct phases, noting prominent creators from each time, as well as their asetheic influences.

* From the 1960s to the 1970s Cambodia had a thriving comics culture. During Cambodia’s socialist era, comics experienced a resurgence in popularity.

* Cambodia’s transition to a ‘free market’ economy in the late 1980s/early 1990s saw an influx of alternative entertainment options.

* This led to a downturn in the comics market that continues to this day, leading to a market primarily of reprints.

Most new comics are commissioned and published by nonprofits for education and outreach purposes.

In a change from earlier times, the local and international art community have demonstrating a growing interest in Khmer comics, via exchange projects, exhibitions and workshops. It is possible this trend may lead to a more sustainable culture for comics art in Cambodia.


Once a month -  6pm – Baitong Restaurant

(7 st 360, near Beung Keng Kang market)


Emiko Stock & Pascale Hancart-Petitet

012 521 093 – 092 399 273

11 NOVEMBER 2009

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