Happy New Year (2 of 3)

Well, with Chinese New Year happening it’s time to revisit those resolutions.


Or did I make any? Hmm, kind of stumbled backwards into the New Year.

Enjoying the way things have been going lately, from the enthusiasm of the recent Saints Game
to the double-whammy of Chinese New Year (Wear yr red underwear 4 good luck!) and Valentines Day. All gearing up to Khmer New Year!

I’m not going to burden *you* with my resolutions, but one is to web up more of my sizeable backlog of goodies – photos, comics, video, tidbits. Some I’ll post in the present day, some on the date when they actually happened.  (‘Retroblogging‘?)


Above: a set of some photos taken in Long Beach. Reminiscent of Mexican  ‘Loteria’ imagery with a twist.  Full glory at: http://jinja.apsara.org/category/lbctrainart/ or http://www.flickr.com/photos/jinja_cambodia/sets/72157623430059858/

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