[Re]Generations - 3 Artists

Sao Sreymao, Peou Ty,  Chan Pisey.


[Exhibition notes - Centre Culturel Français, Phnom Penh]

In April, 2005, the Centre Culturel Français de Phnom Penh, in connection with the publisher VALEASE, began sponsoring workshops n the subject of the graphic novel.

An anthology of the work of 53 young Khmer authors was published in 2008. This volume, the first of its kind, titled (Re)generations, revealed the new vitality of the Khmer graphic novel.

Using a style of writing inherited from the Franco-Belgian graphic novel, and showing also the influence of the manga, the authors have managed to return to their traditional tales, but at the same time, to question their daily lives.

Following this event, a new phase of workshops was begun with the goal of creating more ambitious stories.

For a year, 6 authors contributed their talents and met the challenge of completing an album.

The current exhibition brings together the work of 5 of them: Peou Ty, Chan Pisey, Nguon Sakal, Chea Sreyroth and Sao Sreymao.

For the occasion, the publisher Sonleuk Thmey is joining in this renewal by publishing two albums: “At the Beginning of Sereyroth” and “Our Hearts” by Nguon Sakal.

“To deploy the imagination and reappropriate pieces of memory … to dare say and express the unspeakable … to say with passion and generosity” – this is the purpose of the workshop organized by the Franco-Khmer author Séra. An artist and a teacher, he has worked selflessly to bring back the culture of the graphic novel.


Linkage: http://jinja.apsara.org/2008/07/regenerated/

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