Monkey Dance Monkey

‘Don’t Think She’s Forgotten’ – Laura Mam adapts a classic Pen Ron song, alternating past and present with ‘The Like Mes‘. Yay! Enjoy!

From YouTube: April 26, 2010  — After 3 months of planning, creating, networking, shopping (lots of shopping), story-boarding, daydreaming and then MORE re-planning…its finally here!!!

I have finally consolidated all my music–English and Khmer–with my band and will be making music with The Like Mes. This is our rendition of the infamous Pan Rons Sva Rom Monkiss. We hope that this story speaks to ending the silence between the young and old Cambodian generations. In my belief, it is about time that we make that small but necessary effort to understand ourselves by understanding each other.

This is dedicated to the incredible Cambodian musicians of the 60s, may their spirit live on in all of us and may they bless us with the ability to express ourselves once again.

A HUGE THANK YOU to every single person that contributed to making this video. It is this community’s heart and soul that you are witnessing, so please share in the love.


Executive Producer
Laura Tevary Mam

Producer Helena Duong Chan Kanya Hong
Director Marco Bercasio
Cinematographer & Editor Marco Bercasio
Performed by The Like Mes
Credit Correction: Jimmy Ma

Much more on YouTube.:

Check out an  interview @ Mujestic.

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