A 4 day weekend!

Treetops Ratanakiri

Naturally my idea of fun is taking a 10 hour bus ride up to remote Ratanakiri province, where Banlung is the tiny Khmer speaking oasis in the midst of 12 different ethnic groups. Forest everywhere, sprouting from red earth. I landed at Tree Tops guest house (above), which would be a fortune in hardwood and stone anywhere else on the planet.

Here’s what the local market looks like.

Ban Lung Market Ratanakiri

While the locals insist that nothing ever happens in Banlung, I happened upon an impromptu engagement celebration…

Swing Ratanakiri

…which led to a little Karaoke.


After 10 hours on the bus Ratanakiri delivered with scenery, songs and silliness. No complaints.

Karaoke Ratanakiri

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