Ratanakiri Weekend Part 03

There was simply no WAY I was going to spend time in Ratanakiri without getting a little Elephant Time in. My local friends were only too keen to oblige. On the way we passed through a plantation of trees bearing sap used to make rubber. And then boom, we’re hanging out with a bunch of elephants and mahouts.


I managed to take a little video.  Elephants are rubbery too! Just the way they move and use their trunks. As with any big animal, they are very deliberate in how they step, and seem to operate on a slower pace than us hectic humans.

We explored the local area for about an hour,

Woot Elephants 01

which included an awesome waterfall. Surrounded by sharp rocks though, so one would really have to take some effort to get out in the water. Plenty more waterfalls in the area too – for next visit I think.

Waterfall Ratanakiri

Wrapping things up that evening was a Halloween party in Banlung. I managed to score some party accouterments from the local market.

Halloween Ratanakiri 2010

Thoroughly unconvinced that the provincial capitol is a boring town.

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