On the face of it, it seems Prach Ly’s Mujestic.com web site looks likes it’s been hacked by Cambodian group Klap Ya Handz.




Prior to Thursday 12′s revamp, the site header looked like this, followed by  a long scroll of the people and groups working with Mujestic, from traditional musicians to activists and filmmakers. (May still be available on Google Cache.)

Yet: It’s not a sophisticated hack at ALL. There’s no link *back* to a Klap Ya Handz site. (Whoops, under construction. They’ve got a Facebook page and YouTube Channel). They even forgot to take off Prach’s mailing list. The meta tags still indicate Prach’s key words. Whoever made the replacement page used a free website builder. Classy.

The FB page has a hoax picture of Prach hijacked, but it’s not his face photoshopped in – usually the sign of malicious hacking.

Would KlapYaHandz delete Mujestics sub-pages promoting artists like Laura Mam that they’ve shared the stage with? Or links that promote the broader Khmer creative community? Smooth move.

I’m guessing it’s a publicity stunt. What better way to get more listeners and attention than a hip hop feud, real or imagined? Who ‘hijacks’ a site with an anti-hate message? Hmm…

And if it was real, well, everyone knows that the powers that be stay in power by keeping people
divided. Just sayin’.

[Updated Friday May 13 2010]

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