The Cambodian Space Project is doing a fundraiser for BuckHunger soup kitchen!
Sounds like a fun event all around.
Buck Hunger is going like gangbusters to provide free food on a very simple model.

One recommendation that would make the whole operation more palatable: if the organization targets children, I’d be a lot more enthused if it was a registered ‘ChildSafe‘ organization. Individual and large-scale donors could give with even greater confidence.

If BuckHunger can get this accreditation as a part of their menu of future activities? That’d ROCK.     : )



Postscript: Phnom Penh Post, June 22


2 Responses to “Upcoming Menu: Music vs. Hunger”

  1. makes good sense..I will be looking into the requirements and move forward..BTW, for safety sake, we have moved the start time forward to 3PM to avoid as much darkness and possible

  2. Thank you for raising this issue, we have posted a piece on the Friends International blog which goes into more depth about the many issues surrounding street children and providing them with free food. here is the link.


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