BarCamp Battambang 2013

[Note: This post will be revised as I sort out my many photos & videos!]


BarCamp Battambang was held on May 25-26th; I hadn’t been up to visit in nearly a year.

Thanks to friends for recording my talk and taking photos & video!

Let BarCamp Change Your Life  on Vimeo.


Still polishing the video, here are some shorter excerpts:

The Value of IRL

Anti-Social Media

I’ve collated a huge list of supplemental links (videos, presentations, blog posts) — please do check them out!

Open Dev Cam rocked the house with a presentation in Khmer and English


There were also showings from Cambodian Center for Human Rights, and Urban Voice weathered two power outages without breaking stride. (At one point, talking about blackout mapping!)


By far the most popular presentation (on the very last day) was simply titled ‘Love’ (by Yim Vanne) and seemed to share a practical methodology for finding a partner, from what I could garner peeking in the window. :)


Like most presentations in this Camp it was exclusively in Khmer, a new trend?

Unsorted Flickr photos:

[More details to follow once I sort out all my links and photos!]

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