I’d really had no idea to expect such a huge crowd.
But ‘Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten‘ didn’t disappoint the standing-room-only audience.

Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: The Story of Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll from Daniel Littlewood on Vimeo.

There was laughter, more often tears. Some from me.

Many of the surviving people featured in the film were there for a frustratingly brief panel afterwards.
Each one was worthy of a full evening  on stage: the sister of Ros Sereysothea, Sin Si Simuth‘s son, Vann Molyvann, David Chandler. We got a half hour.

The concert following was cathartic and gratifiying. (Click for video)
I haven’t seen the the arts community come together in such numbers since, well, Ingrid Muan‘s funeral in 2005. And this was for a much more positive evening.

As with other films supported by the Documentation Center of Cambodia, I’m hoping it will tour Cambodian villages as well as get a theatrical release.


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