Casting Call!

Jeudi 03 Octobre, a Phnom Penh, au Teukei, 23 bis rue 111 de 11h a 15h, casting-figuration pour les occidentaux, hommes et femmes, tous les ages afin de participer au film que tourne Jean Jacques Annaud au Cambodge….

Thursday 03 October, has Phnom Penh, in Teukei Bar, 23 (a) street 111 at 11h to 15h, casting for Westerners, men and women, all ages in order to take part in film which Jean Jacques Annaud makes to Cambodia…

Pathe Films is doing a flick about tigers, and employing a few friends of mine.

And further on the film front, Matt Dillon’s ‘City of Ghosts’ is on its way, premiered at Cannes recently. When he was local, he’d hang at Happy Herb’s Pizza.

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