Visa expiry is as good a reason as any to take a few days out to stock up on bootlegged music and DVDs. On top of that got some Khmer Language books.
Realized I haven’t been outside of Cambodia in about a year. Funny how time and work creep up on you.

Starbucks is ‘glocalizing’ with green tea frappuchino. English is ubiquitous, though not perfect. I’m not sure the guy window shopping with his girfriend at Siam Center wearing the ‘everlasting cocksucker’ t-shirt quite grasps the nuances of his apparel. A more ominous garment is the appearance of face masks among the wary few who are worried about the SARS virus.

Went to Khao San Road to get the cheap tourist bus, but I’m gonna try to hop off at Poipet and see if I can shave some dollars and time off my travel.(Following the sage advice of Gordon Sharpless) I should learn some basic Thai too, just to navigate next time I’m here.

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