Tap Runs Dry

Water Festival is over, but not without a few more pictures!

Here’s one of the illuminated boats that cruises the riverside at night time.


illuminated boats 04Click on the pictures below for full-size photos.

illuminated boats 01

illuminated boats 02

illuminated boats 03

National Assembly

Royal Government

Ministry of Justice

illuminated boats 04

illuminated boats 05

illuminated boats 06


Department of Defense


Cambodia is an agricultural country, and people tend to sleep and rise early. Plus for decades staying out late was really not a wise choice. So it’s a real blast to see huge numbers of people visiting the waterfront, out until the wee hours. Lots of people but no fights, no scenes, just the world’s most well-behaved crowd milling around.

Some news coverage of the action:

Still plenty of photos, maybe I’ll ‘retroblog’ them on the prior dates of the festival just to keep them in some kind of order.


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  1. elizabethbriel says:

    Beautiful photos. Makes the candles on the ocean here in Sville look quite insignificant in comparison!

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