Couches and Controversy – Cambodia


Freshome‘s feature on Peace of Art‘s products has inspired numerous positive and negative reactions, from “a peaceful end” to “ugly and useless“.

Anything related to guns seems to make Stateside readers go ballistic.
also: ‘Make’ picks up on the meme.

The ‘Peace of Art’ Project seems have wound to a finish. You can find a few items for sale still at the ArtHouse in Siem Reap.

ArtHouse Exterior

Me? You’ll get my AK-47 chair when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.


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  1. elizabethbriel says:

    Hadn’t seen the “Peace Art” furniture before – just the exhibit at de la Paix of large sculptures and the smaller ones originally at Warehouse.

    Beautiful design. And a nice statement, too.

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