Hugo Award for Cambodia Story?

Geoff Ryman‘s short story ‘Pol Pot’s Beautiful Daughter’ (published in the October/November issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine) has been nominated for a Hugo Award.

(Curiously, his recent Cambodia novel, ‘The King’s Last Song‘, is still awaiting the go-ahead to be printed in the USA.)

You can read an excerpt at the link below:

In Cambodia people are used to ghosts. Ghosts buy newspapers. They own property.

A few years ago, spirits owned a house in Phnom Penh, at the Tra Bek end of Monivong Boulevard. Khmer Rouge had murdered the whole family and there was no one left alive to inherit it. People cycled past the building, leaving it boarded up. Sounds of weeping came from inside.

Then a professional inheritor arrived from America. She’d done her research and could claim to be the last surviving relative of no fewer than three families. She immediately sold the house to a Chinese businessman, who turned the ground floor into a photocopying shop.

The copiers began to print pictures of the original owners.


You can order a print, e-book copy or MP3 file below.


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