The Smell Like Hell

“…and the taste like heaven.”
Hard to go wrong with a little Durian.

Okay, let’s not go overboard.


4 Responses to “The Smell Like Hell”

  1. Wanna says:

    I love both, though :p

  2. Anthony says:

    Hi JW
    I have moved into the new place just up the road from Psah Kandal. The durian clearing centre of Phnom Penh…
    The windows are closed in the morning for sure…


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Mmm! It was recently durian season in HK, too. Every time you walk into a grocery store they’re cutting it up and putting them in clingfilm-wrapped styrofoam packages. The scent wafts through the whole store.

    I like durian but am a bigger fan of jackfruit. My landlady in siem reap would hand me a few pieces (in season) after I paid the rent.

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