Tomorrow is the official launch of the rattan and plastic Naga created to raise awareness about environmental issues for World Water Day. We’ve had a zillion plastic bags sloshing down that river, it’s about time some were put to use!

Invitation to the Naga Installation Celebration

From the invite:

Your Excellencies and friends,

It is with pleasure that we invite you to join us to celebrate the Naga Installation on the Siem Reap River, March 22nd at the FCC-Angkor in Siem Reap, from 6:30pm.

The 200 metre long Naga will be suspended above the river in front of the FCC. Festivities will include a Recycled Fashion Show, and performances along with an exhibition of works by Seckon of 5 large flags, and collages.

We would be so happy for you to join us; please see the attached invitation.

If you wish to follow our progress as we construct the Naga this week, pictures are at

Kindest regards
Leang Seckon and Fleur Smith

(Photo Courtesy the Rubbish Project)
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  1. Wangbu says:

    A very beautiful way of showing mother eart how much we care for her. I like this blog.

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