Have Comic, Will Travel

Traffic-Light-animationTraffic in Cambodia can be pretty complicated.  The new traffic lights have a great ‘hurry up’ feature that speeds up the little green man to a run before it turns red.  Slowly but surely, people are starting to watch the lights, even when the cops aren’t around.

But I wasn’t driving a motorcycle anywhere this particular morning. I’d lost one of my contact lenses, so I got a ride to the optometrist.  And walked out with 20-20 vision.

I was pleased to immediately clap eyes on this -

Comic-Readin' Motodop

- a comics reading motodop! Unlike other countries, moto-taxis in Cambodia tend to chat, doze, play cards, do anything but read, as most never learned beyond a basic level.

He was perusing an issue of Archie Comics he’d found to improve his English.
I made a return visit to give him a copy of Bopha Battambang.

Regardless of what statistics say and what pundits think, I keep running into people working towards literacy: from the individual to the institutional scale.  A good start to the day.

More info on literacy in Cambodia? Try Our Books, the Book Federation, The Nou Hach Literary Journal or the Khmer Writers’ Association.


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