Love & Evictions
Press Release: The Danish band “The Chopsticks” arrived in Cambodia in Jan ‘09 to release – “Love & Eviction” – a new album dedicated to and inspired by Dey Krahorm village and their 4- year, non-violent resistance to eviction. The Chopsticks and Dey Krahorm artists and leaders had planned to launch a solidarity concert tour for threatened and evicted communities at the end of January. But on January 24th, instead of instruments and song-sheets, they witnessed the brutal attack on Dey Krahorm, hope, and human rights in general.

Today, re-motivated by Dey Krahorm’s continued resilience, The Chopsticks are picking up their instruments for a fund-raising concert in support of the hardworking volunteers of LICADHO Canada who have documented the trials and tribulations of Dey Krahorm side by side with the villagers. This documentation has been used as legal evidence, to support existing advocacy efforts and has been key in enabling Dey Krahorm to claim a loud voice.
The Chopsticks concerts will ensure LICADHO Canada continue to document this critical time in Dey Krahorm’s story. A limited amount of the “Love &
Eviction” albums will be available for minimum of $30 donation. Additionally, a selection of LICADHO Canada’s hard-impact videos will be shown between sets and Borey Penn [LICADHO Canada] will share an update on the current situation of the Dey Krahorm evictees.

Love & Evictions
Join us for a moving and inspiring night on Thursday, February 12, 7pm at Gasolina #56-58, Street 57, Phnom Penh.
contact Cornelius for Details: 017 799 716
[A special thank you to Gasolina for donating the venue]

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