This looks intriguing; From Helsinki to Phnom Penh:

W E L C O M E !


Presentation series of Urban planning projects of students from Helsinki
of Technology. After our field work period in Phnom Penh in the spring
2009, we came
up with various sustainable strategies for the growth of the Cambodian
capital Phnom
Penh. Be warmly welcome to attend our presentations of those ideas in
Phnom Penh and
in Helsinki!

Invitation attached. Please check the exact dates, times an locations from
our blog:

MONDAY 14.12.2009
Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA), Phnom Penh
A presentation for the university students.

THURSDAY 17.12.2009
Baitong Restaurant,
No. 7, Street 360, BKK1, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

SATURDAY 19.12.2009
One day workshop at one of residential communities

10.00     Meeting and ideation
Division of tasks
Lunch break
Preparing the site
16.00    Presentations and exhibition of the results

The task is to create a temporary open air auditorium and exhibition out
of recycled
materials found on site. An idea sheet will be provided for the residents and
visitors to write and draw their ideas and comment on ours.

TUESDAY 2.2.2010 (In Finland)
Presentation of the results of the Feedback week to the TKK (Helsinki
University of
Technology) students

W E L C O M E !

Urban Murmur

[Courtesy] Art used for promotional purposes only.
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