Love Laughs at Leprosy

Colored Shadow Puppets - Kok Thlok Theatre Company

Well, it made for a snappy title. I should probably say ‘love laughs at the problems and discrimination associated with leprosy’, but I think readers will get the general idea.

With National Culture Day approaching, here’s some sights from the ongoing performances at the Chaktomuk.

This is a dress rehearsal for Kok Thlok Theatre Company, for their presentation of colored shadow puppets (quite rare) “Prah Thin Vong Neng Prah Neang Pov”. (The title of the story is the names of the leading characters.) Boy meets girl. Girl likes boy, but it turns out he’s a leper. (And really a prince in disguise). Her sisters and family shun Neang Pov, hijinks ensue, and prejudice gets the boot.

If the schedule is correct, performance  repeats 8:30 am Sunday. I’ll be curious to see what goes on at ‘La Rue Dance’ @  Wat Botum 6:30pm Sunday evening. (Thanks Andy for the reminder!)

Postscript: The Phnom Penh Post finally gets its act in gear as the festival ENDS:
Folk dance headlines two-week culture fest
Forgotten form of theatre comes out of the shadows

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