New music from Laura Mam, listen and look:

Pka Proheam Rik Popreay

From intro:This is my very first ORIGINAL KHMER SONG and this is only the beginning of an incredible journey. I have chosen to start writing original Khmer songs because of how many inspiring letters I have received from you lovely people about ending this tradition of copying, and finally re-sparking the great tradition of Khmer music.

I have composed this song and my dear sweet mother (Neak Madai), Thida Buth, has helped to write these lyrics. Pka Proheam Rik Popreay is a love song just in time for this Valentine’s day. Enjoy!!!

Everything from the recording of the music to the shooting of this music video was done by non-professional art-loving folks who I am DEEPLY IN DEBT TO. This is dedicated to the wonderful people who made this happen, all of you who inspire me, and to my homeland Cambodia. One thousand thank you’s to all the people who are a part of this magic.

Make sure to stay tuned for more, because I certainly have a lot more coming. ;)

Love, Laura Tevary

What’s particularly interesting about this is that it’s quite clearly overseas (diasporic) music, but it’s aimed at pretty much anyone who wants to listen. Cambodia’s always had a fairly sharp division between local and overseas music, despite some well-intentioned efforts to break it down. This is reminiscent of other more internationalized Asian music scenes, let’s see what people think!

Lyrics are at,
and check out her extensive backlog on YouTube.

Postscript: Thanks to
Khmerbird, Kounila, Nearirath for reposting! Thanks to Prach for interview!

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  1. Laura Mam says:

    Thank you so very much for this wonderful blog. I am so very honored that you would even speak on it. The truth is, I want my music to simply be proof of the fact that art and expression are alive and on fire in all Cambodians. I want other Khmers to begin their artistic expression even if I am merely a stepping stone to helping others believe. So many people message me expressing their desires to express themselves. Well now is the time. I want to bridge that gap between Srok Khmer and the Diasporic Khmers. In the end of the story, all of us have parents who cry alone at night and don’t speak about the horrors of their lives, all of us question who we are at times, and all of us wonder about the future of the term Khmer. It is in the this, that I intend for us to find unity despite are grave differences.

    On another note, WE ALL LIKE TO PARTY and everyone usually tends to be pretty sweet. Even the big money uncles (sometimes). This is another plus in motivation for me. =D

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