We just want to prevent anarchy‘ say the police. What could incite such excitement?


Just like there is a ‘War Against Christmas‘, Cambodia has geared up to win the battle for your heart – on Valentine’s Day.




Every year the streets are filled with amateur and pro efforts to cash in on this growing event. It’s an interesting concept for a largely traditional culture, where arranged marriages are still common, but romance is one of the top selling genres for film, literature, and music. In the capitol city Phnom Penh? I’d estimate holiday efforts exceed that of most developed countries, including the USA. How can you not love a country that loves… love?


Meanwhile, the authorities have requested that flower sellers distance themselves from high schools. The Ministry of Women’s Affairs has put together a 30 minute video warning young women about pressure to have premarital sex.

Are counter-measures warranted? Certainly the attitude to the holiday feels a bit more like ‘Prom Night‘ than a simple day of affection. Young Cambodians face peer pressure to have a sweetheart, while parents fear that their family’s morality may be sullied. This year in particular the authorities have pledged to keep a close eye on guest houses.


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  1. mark says:

    Some research was done into attitudes surrounding V day in PP a few years ago. Respondents were surprisingly frank:


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