Kalyanee Mam is ‘barnstorming’ though Cambodia, showing the amazing documentary film ‘A River Changes Course’  at numerous locations, and is raising money for *more* screenings.
https://rally.org/ariverchangescourse / http://youtu.be/cIHgw5mr8q0
I had the good fortune to see the film at a packed screening at Meta-House last evening.


(Above: talk at Meta-House last night).

I had missed seeing it the first time and was quite moved to see how the film quietly and powerfully demonstrated how environmental and social change were affecting Cambodian communities and families.

The film makers are also doing some ‘follow up’ meetings (below) with the subjects of the film, who continue to struggle to keep their families healthy and secure.

Also in attendance: opposition Assemblywoman Mu Sochua, who shared her thoughts in the Q&A but did not seem to be there in an official capacity.

Below: update on one of the film’s subjects, Khieu, as she votes in the election. Kalyanee noted she’d had to pull a 24 hour sewing shift in order to make sufficient overtime to vote while keeping her financial obligations.  (Ouch!)

If YOU want to arrange a showing of the film, please contact the Documentation Center of Cambodia. DC-Cam will be having screenings of the film during working hours on Fridays for the near future. (I’ll update this post with any additional screenings if/when I get word.)


Contribute: https://rally.org/ariverchangescourse



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