Hey look, it’s the new city bus!

City Bus 01

Hooray for mass transit traffic solutions!
Can we get a skytrain next?

There is however, a disturbing aspect to the bus stops: they use a tactic of what’s called ‘disciplinary architecture’ where seats cannot be slept on due to hand rails. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disciplinary_architecture

Bus In Phnom Penh 02

The bus stops have varying degrees of rain shelter, worth considering.

Public works should take into account all of the public. It’s a challenge in Cambodia, with its big wealth gap.
(That’s why the rest rooms at the Veal Preah Mean park have families living there.)

But it should not be unthinkable to simply be kind. If you have similar examples of discriminatory / disciplinary architecture in Cambodia, feel free to share.

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