Bloggers Everywhere

Bloggers Everywhere

Sunday saw me catching up with a researcher pal and friends for breakfast. Both he and his wife are ‘anonyBloggers’ – they have blogs but are not interested in publicizing them heaps. Ah well, each blog has its own purpose.

Most of my friends know by now that Geoff Ryman’s ‘King’s Last Song‘ is on the way. This morning I brought along his earlier work, ‘The Unconquered Country’ for show & tell. Nou Hach Journal hosted him last visit and there’s a lot of interest in translating this short novella into Khmer.

I’ll advise on this blog when the 500+ page novel hits Monument Books and the UK press. Alas it won’t be printed in the USA unless current plans change.

Pleased to meet up with fellow blogger Kalabird who was preparing to wing her way to Africa.
Didn’t give her enough advance warning for our last blogger meeting so I promised to give her some proper notice next time. She’s a photo freak so we’ll have to talk tech when she gets back. Here she is fiddling with her camera which I hope is working OK now.

During the day I did some work stuff, which I won’t rattle on about.

Eveningtime found me and most of Phnom Penh’s art fans at Reyum‘s opening of ‘A Good Friend is Hard to Find“, a photo tribute to Ingrid Muan.

[Photo courtesy Phatry Pan]

It was an entirely appropriate and moving memorial, if you have a chance to see it, please take a look.

[Svay Ken (center) Photo courtesy Phatry Pan]

If you want one of the exhibition books, click ‘email’ above and we’ll work something out.

Photos are courtesy of Phatry Derek Pan, who also inquired, “Hey, when’s the next blogger meetup?” We’ll have to set a date. Closed off an early night having noodles with Phatry and Erwan, who seems to have deleted his blog which we urged him to reboot.


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  1. ThaRum says:

    I was there yesterday. Quite interesting! No surprise, her contribution works will be remembered, in particular in Cambodian arts.

  2. Michaela says:

    Alas, it never was fixed. A friend toted it off to Australia where the entire circuitry board is being replaced. Lesson learned: do not buy electronics in Cambodia, regardless of how enticing it might be. Thanks for the photo – this is a pure example of why I prefer being BEHIND the camera ;-) .

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