(Above: bloggers on Google Hangout.)
It used to be that IT meetups were about *blogs*.
(Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Yes, I’m that old.)

On Saturday the 7th, Anirudh invited us for an informal blog meetup.
Talk ranged from the election to upcoming Burma IT events, as well as just general catching up.

IMG_2350 copy

There were lots of folks chatting on Google Hangout (above). I couldn’t even get my Ubuntu laptop into the local Wi-Fi, and my Iphone was too old to download Hangout. Clearly, connectivity is up, and so is the sophistication of the tools we use. (I’m forcing myself to learn new tricks.)


In past days we’d gather at anyplace with decent Wi-Fi (and caffeine (above)). Occasionally I’d host ‘Geek O’ Clock‘ at the House32 offices. But meetings ‘IRL’ (in real life) don’t happen that much these days, which made it all the more welcome.

It was easy to connect up, and great to chat to some of the other’dinosaurs’ / IT wonks.  After the meet some of us stopped off to check out Ritthy Ou’s regular ‘Politikoffee’ meeting.  (Every Saturday 2:30-5:00pm at BBC Cafe).

Below: Anirudh makes a new friend
IMG_2354 copy


Back before Facebook and Twitter took over:



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